2 Crore worth car Crushed in front of Owner within 2 minutes of Buying it

LONDON: If two billion cars  shamed in front of your eyes, how you will feel? Isn't it terrible to remember? But there was a similar incident at Wake field in London. That too in just two minutes of car buying!

The accident happened just two minutes after a man who bought a Lamborghini sports car valued at around Rs 2 crore got his car out of the showroom. The luxury car is smashed in font of the owner.

This is the Gray Color Lamborghini Hurricane Spider Model Car. Shortly after the car was purchased, there was a technical flaw in the vehicle. He was inspecting the car, after parking on the roadside. At the same time another car collided with the parked car. The rear end of a Lamborghini car was completely damaged by collision.

Car has now sent for repair. The owner had shared the story on a social networking site. It has seen huge shares.

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