Case on Rehana for allowing her children to paint on her semi-nude body

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Rehna Fatim, a activist who has created controversy by posting a video of her on YouTube. In the video she found half naked lying on ground and her children painting on her body. As  The National Child Rights Protection Commission (NCPCR) has now intervened in this case, she is facing a hardship.

Earlier, Kerala police had filed a case against Rehana. The National Child Rights Protection Commission (NCPCR) has now intervened and asked the Kerala Police to investigate and submit a report as soon as possible. 

The NPCPCR, which has written to the Kerala Police, said the matter needs to be investigated to see if the issue is a violation of the Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Offenses (Pocso) Act. Also, children may be subjected to psychological violence by the behavior of their mother. It is thus said that close consultation is required. 

The NCPCR has said that it is regrettable for the mother to engage in such activities with the children and advised the police to ensure child counseling through the District Child Protection and Child Welfare Committee. It has been advised to submit the full report within seven days. 

The police have registered a case and are searching for the missing Rehana. Also, the children will be prosecuted. 

Rehana posted a video on June 19 on her YouTube channel with the tagline "Body Arts Politics" (#BodyArtPolitics). In the video, Rehana is pictured with her son and daughter's hands on a half-baked body. Rehana, who spoke about the purpose of the video, made the video to reiterate that in a society where sex and nudity are taboo, women should be free about sex and their bodies. 


Rehana is a former BSNL employee. She had earlier been arrested and sentenced to 18 days in jail for allegedly posting a Facebook post hurting the faith of Lord Ayyappa devotees. Also, in October 2018, after the Supreme Court ruled that women could enter Sabarimala, Rehana also tried to visit Sabarimala and was arrested and released.

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