China worried about 59 apps including TikTok banned in India

China's Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the ban of 59 Chinese apps in India. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China is very worried about this whole issue and information is being taken about the whole matter. Significantly, yesterday, the Modi government has banned 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok.

Modi government has started action on apps that threaten the security of the country. Only 59 apps from China have already been banned. Preparations have been started to ban the other apps of China which may threaten the security of the country. The Ministry of Communications can ask the Internet service provider to stop the data of any app.

The data of all these apps will be stopped in the next one or two days. These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. Their updates will also not be available. Let me tell you that this restriction is interim. Now the matter will go to a committee. Banned apps can present their case before the committee, after which the committee will decide whether to continue the ban or be removed.

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