"Goodbye daddy, they removed the ventilator!" -Heartbreaking Video of Son to the Father

HYDERABAD: In a disturbing incident just before 26 minutes of his death, a selfie video was sent to his father by a young man. He was infected with Covid 19 Virus. 

The young man was diagnosed with Corona virus and was treated at Covid Hospital in Hyderabad. On Friday night, the young man sent his father a selfie video. The young man is sleeping in a hospital bed in the video. He said that, the doctor has removed the ventilator. Thus making it difficult for me to breathe. The scene of him saying 'bye daddy' is bringing tears. The video has been going viral on the social network since Sunday. 

The young man has been accused a doctor in the video that he refusing to give oxygen help for the past three hours. They have removed the ventilator. Thus my heartbeat stopped and only the lungs are working. All in all, I can't breathe, Daddy. Bye Daddy, Bye Bye, Bye Daddy, the youth said before his death. 

The funeral of a young man was held Saturday by the father. Hhe sent me a video just minutes before he stopped breathing. On June 24, I admitted  my son who was suffering severely. But it is sad that we are not able to save him. 

But Hospital supervisor Mehboob Khan has dismissed the issue of removal of the ventilator. The patient's condition was very worrisome. Thus he was unable to give oxygen assistance. A heart attack was the cause of his death. Our hospital staff has put in a lot of effort to keep the young man alive. 

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