'No namaz in Pakistan' - Pakistani Muslim cleric raises voice against Chinese companies


ISLAMABAD: A video of a Muslim cleric making serious allegations against Chinese companies in Pakistan is going viral on social networking sites.

Chinese companies in Pakistan are forbidding Pakistani employees from doing Namaz during work hours, the cleric said. No one can ignore Namaz, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. China-based companies have come to Pakistan and trying to change the rules of land, he said.  

Pakistanis must turn against Chinese companies, that do not allow them to perform Namaz. Chinese companies have been warned not to change the law here.

Owners of Chinese companies are threatening Muslim employees. If they perform Namaz on Duty Time, they are warned But Namaz is very sacred to Muslims. We cannot ignore it. Must be properly Namaz on time. It is our self-esteem question."We cannot ignore Namaz. People are afraid that they will lose their jobs. But it has now become a matter of self-respect for us," the cleric goes on to say in the video.

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