Shocking Incident - Man kills woman and Rapes her Dead Body!

Mumbai: A shop owner has murdered a woman customer and had sex with her corpse in Mumbai's Nalasopara.

The incident took place on June 26 and has come to light now. On June 26, a 32-year-old woman walked out of the house to buy groceries. This time the woman went to the accused shop to buy toys for her children. The dead woman has been lost ever since.

The husband had lodged a complaint at the Tolling Police Station in Nalasopara as his wife had gone to buy groceries. On June 28, the body of a woman was found inside a pickup van parked beside the road in Nalasopara Chandan Naka. The corpse was identified as the body of the missing woman. The body was later sent to the hospital for post-mortem examination.

A post-mortem report revealed that the woman had been strangled to death and also she was raped after her death. After the post-mortem examination report, the team of the Palghar Crime Division has launched an investigation. The CCTV footage of the area has been inspected, but the pickup van owner has denied any involvement in the case. The vehicle was parked in Naka for several days.

Further investigation revealed that the shop owner was murdered. On June 26, an argument broke out between a woman and a shop owner over the price of toys. After the argument, the accused dragged the woman into the room behind the store. There the accused strangled the woman and murdered her. The coroner later said he had sex with the woman's corpse.

The accused shop owner stayed with the woman's corpse for the night. He then dumped the van in the van where the woman's body was parked. Before that,he had wrapped her body in plastic covers. The police have registered a murder case against the accused.
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