People rush to get Anandaiya corona medicine in Andhra


Amid the global struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of Krishnapatnam town in Andhra Pradesh's Nellore district have been flocking to receive Ayurvedic medicine purportedly treating the virus. For nearly a month, thousands, including COVID-19 patients, sought Bonigi Anandaiah's herbal blend eye drops distributed as a form of COVID-19 treatment. The unregulated gathering, however, raised alarm about potential virus spread due to a lack of social distancing.

Bonigi Anandaiah, a self-proclaimed Ayurvedic doctor, gained attention for offering his herbal concoction as a remedy for COVID-19. Although some district officials claimed the medicine enhanced immunity, concerns grew over the disregard for social distancing guidelines.

On Friday, the Andhra Pradesh government intervened and halted the distribution of Anandaiah's Ayurvedic medicines. While an earlier report from the Nellore District Magistrate suggested no visible side effects, it also raised concerns about the potential long-term negative effects of the eye drops.

The health department has taken a cautious approach, announcing that samples of the distributed materials will undergo testing by a team from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country's premier scientific body. The ICMR team is set to depart for Nellore on Saturday to assess the safety and efficacy of the Ayurvedic medicine.

This development underscores the challenges in balancing public health concerns with the pursuit of alternative treatments during the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure the well-being of the population and prevent any inadvertent health risks associated with unverified treatments.
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