Odanadi Seva Samsthe Joins Fight for Justice in Sowjanya Rape and Murder Case

Mangalore: Odanadi Seva Samsthe, the organization renowned for exposing the Murugha Seer Case in Chitradurga, has now taken up the cause of seeking justice in the Sowjanya Rape and Murder Case in Dharamsthala. Collaborating with like-minded advocates for justice, the group aims to ensure that the victim's family receives the justice they deserve. In a recent meeting held on July 3rd, leaders from Odanadi engaged in discussions with these advocates to devise a strategic plan.

The Sowjanya Rape and Murder Case in Dharamsthala has sparked widespread outrage, prompting the companion organization to launch an unwavering campaign for justice on behalf of the victim and her family. Reflecting on the meeting with the justice advocates, Stanley, the founding secretary of Odanadi, expressed his deep concern over the incident and stressed the urgency of holding the culprits accountable. He voiced his disappointment with the current state of affairs, where the legal system often falls short in delivering justice. Advocating for a fresh investigation led by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to restore faith in the system, Odanadi is fully committed to supporting this fight for justice.

During a media interaction, Stanley stated, "Our efforts are underway to identify the individual responsible for the rape of Sowjanya. It is essential for Virendra Heggade, the religious leader of Dharmasthala Constituency, to address this matter with utmost prominence. As a responsible individual devoted to social responsibility, he holds the responsibility of providing solace to those affected by this heinous crime, which occurred in their vicinity. Supporting the victimized child should be his moral obligation. We eagerly await his response, and once his voice is heard, we will be forever grateful. The pursuit of justice in this case is a moral duty, and we issue a warning that we will tirelessly work across the entire state to ensure justice for this child. The fact that Santosh Rao is no longer a suspect in the rape and murder case further highlights the severity of the situation."

With the involvement of Odanadi Seva Samsthe, it is certain that this case will regain significant attention across the state, as the organization remains dedicated to seeking justice for the victim and bringing her perpetrators to account.

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