"Oops, My iPhone Did It!": Man Sues Apple for Costly Divorce!


A man in England is suing Apple for $6.3 million, holding the iPhone maker responsible for his expensive divorce. As reported by The Times, this anonymous individual claims his wife discovered his infidelity with sex workers through their shared iMac. Despite deleting the messages from his iPhone, they remained visible on the iMac due to Apple’s sync feature. Unaware that messages stay synced across devices using the same Apple ID, he was blindsided when his wife found the evidence and subsequently filed for divorce.

Seeking justice, the man has enlisted the help of London-based law firm Rosenblatt to take legal action against Apple. His lawsuit argues that iMessage’s functionality is unclear regarding message deletion across devices. He believes that if the discovery had been less shocking, there might have been a chance to save the marriage. He said, "For my wife, it was a very brutal way of finding out. If I had been able to talk to her rationally and she had not had such a brutal realization, I might still be married."

"If you are told a message is deleted, you are entitled to believe it's deleted," he told The Times. "If the message had said: 'These messages are deleted on this device,' that would have been a clue. 'These messages are deleted on this device only' would have been much clearer."

He is now pursuing legal action to hold Apple accountable and is considering a class-action lawsuit to represent others who may have faced similar misunderstandings due to technology. He aims to establish a class-action lawsuit for other individuals who might not fully understand how their devices work.

How to Ensure iMessages Are Deleted Across Devices

Apple device users who wish to avoid sharing their messages across all household devices should either not sync their texts or ensure iCloud for Messages is enabled, which will delete messages across all devices. To activate it, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Show All > Messages in iCloud > Use on This iPhone.
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