Mesmerizing Brilliance: Kajal Kunder Shines in Deyi Baideti with Her Captivating Performance


Suryodaya's Deyibaideti Tulu film successfully enters its second week, featuring the exceptional talent Kajal Kunder. Hailing from Dakshina Kannada and currently residing in Mumbai, Kajal's multilingual prowess in Hindi, English, Marathi, Tulu, and Kannada has been a valuable asset to her acting career.

With a notable presence in Hindi and Marathi serials, including the Kannada serial Harahara Mahadev, Kajal has already taken the lead in the upcoming Kannada film Maya Kannadi. Her performance in Deyibaideti has garnered praise, with Matha Koppala commending her portrayal of the character 'Dei' from childhood to adulthood.

In a Facebook post, Matha Koppala shared, "You must watch #Deyibaideti to witness Kajal's performance. From child Dei to grown-up Dei, this child's portrayal is amazing... The child's smile bursts between words. Enhances beauty."

Despite having prior roles in Tulu films, Kajal found a unique opportunity in Deyibaideti. The film explores the journey of a girl, the daughter of a childless Brahmin couple, who faces challenges as she grows up. Kajal's portrayal captures the nuances of her character's inner turmoil, especially in poignant scenes like when her parents blindfold her and leave her in the forest.

The film unfolds as the girl discovers her true identity through her brother from the orphanage, who finds her crying alone in the forest. Kajal's performance beautifully conveys the emotional depth of the character, and her dedication to the craft has been well-received.

Having recently created a Facebook page, Kajal is gaining recognition and warmth for her friendly demeanor. As she continues to make her mark in Tulu cinema, fans eagerly anticipate her potential entry into the Kannada film industry, where her talent is poised to shine even brighter. To connect with Kajal, you can follow her on her newly established Facebook page 

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