Unveiling the Truth Behind the 'Chendeda Ponnu' Controversy in Mangalore

The recent uproar surrounding the mysterious figure known as 'Chendeda Ponnu' has left many netizens baffled and curious about the truth behind the trolling. Speculations ran rampant as people demanded answers and clarification on the matter.

As it turns out, the infamous audio clip circulating online features a young woman from a traditional Mangalore-based Chende group conversing with her boyfriend. Shockingly, the conversation delves into the disturbing reality of sexual assault within the Chende community.

In her heartbreaking revelation, the young woman recounts her traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted by a member of the Chende group, referred to as 'uncle'. This revelation sheds light on the harrowing ordeal faced by women in such traditional cultural settings.

Furthermore, the young woman confesses to engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners, a consequence of her vulnerability and lack of awareness about the gravity of her situation. It is evident that she fell victim to manipulation and exploitation by those she trusted.

In light of these revelations, women's organizations in Mangalore must take swift action in locating and supporting young women. Justice must be served for the injustice she has endured, and steps must be taken to prevent further harm to her.

By addressing this issue promptly and providing the necessary support and guidance, there is hope that the young woman can be rescued from further harm and given the opportunity to heal and rebuild her life. It is crucial for society to stand together in solidarity against sexual violence and exploitation, ensuring the safety and well-being of all

English Summary:  Viral audio clip of girl who is part of Traditional Chende troupe went viral across coastal areas. Girl was discussing about how she got exploited in her troupe. And also she found chatting closely with a guy. This audio clip become viral everywhere. Some troll pages made trolls. । NeraNews.com is a leading daily news website, with latest updates from Politics, Sports, Crime, Science, Health, Latest Movie update, Matrimonial and other entertaining stories around the world. We have daily 20,000 page visitors.
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