Fake News Alert - Bengaluru Blast Case: BJP Member is not a Suspect in the blast case!


Bengaluru, April 5: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has apprehended a Theerthahalli-based BJP worker, Saiprasad, in connection with the Rameshwaram Café blast case in Shivamogga.

Saiprasad, came under NIA custody due to his alleged association with individuals involved in the case. Last week, investigating officials conducted raids on the residences and mobile phone shops of two youngsters in Theerthahalli, with whom Saiprasad was purportedly in contact.

Saiprasad's involvement stems from the sale of a second-hand mobile phone to a suspect named Muzammil Shareef, who is currently held in judicial custody. Shareef allegedly passed on the mobile phone, along with a SIM card, to another suspect known as Musavir. Authorities suspect that this particular mobile phone might have been utilized by Musavir.

Fake news spread by Congress 

In response to these developments, Dinesh Gundu Rao took to Twitter, criticizing the BJP for attempting to implicate the ruling Congress government in the state regarding the blast. He pointed out that now the BJP must address the issue concerning the detention of their party member in connection with the blast case.


Contrary to circulating fake news, it has been clarified that Theerthahalli-based BJP worker Saiprasad has not been arrested as an accused in the Rameshwaram Café blast case by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Instead, he has been identified as a witness in the case.

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