BS Yediyurappa will be arrested in Pocso case if needed


A significant question has emerged: Is the CID preparing to arrest former CM Yediyurappa and send him to jail? The CID has issued a notice for Yediyurappa to attend an inquiry regarding a POCSO case. Additionally, the victim's son has filed an application in the High Court seeking an order for Yediyurappa's arrest. These developments have raised the possibility of his imminent arrest.

"Senior BJP leader BS Yediyurappa will be arrested in the POCSO case if necessary, with the decision being made by the state's Special Investigation Team (SIT)," stated Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara on Thursday.

The case began when the victim's mother filed a complaint against Yediyurappa, alleging he sexually assaulted her daughter. The POCSO case was registered at the Sadashivnagar police station on March 14 and subsequently transferred to the CID. On April 12, Yediyurappa appeared before the investigating officer and cooperated with the investigation.

Tragically, the victim passed away after the case was filed. Now, her son has taken the matter to the High Court, frustrated by the lack of progress in the three months since the complaint. He has filed a petition demanding Yediyurappa's arrest.

Following this application, the CID issued a notice to Yediyurappa on Wednesday, asking him to attend a hearing. However, Yediyurappa was in Delhi on that day. Consequently, the CID has applied to the 42nd People's Court for a non-bailable warrant due to his non-appearance. If the court grants this petition, the CID may arrest Yediyurappa upon his return to Bangalore on June 17.

The CID has gathered evidence related to the case, including a video provided by the complainant. They have also collected the victim's voice sample and sent it to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for verification. This evidence could potentially lead to Yediyurappa's arrest.

From these developments, netizens are asking several questions of the government regarding the timing and handling of Yediyurappa's case.

  • Why is the CID pursuing the arrest now, three months after the case was initially filed?
  • How has the case, which was previously considered weak due to insufficient evidence, suddenly developed?
  • The victim's mother filed complaints against 53 individuals. Are these accused also being arrested based on her complaint?
Commenting on the situation, Parameshwar previously stated that the woman who filed the complaint against Yediyurappa is mentally ill. He emphasized the sensitivity of the matter, given Yediyurappa's status as a former Chief Minister.

The developments surrounding this case continue to unfold, with Yediyurappa's potential arrest becoming increasingly likely.
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