Digitizing the nol card: How to utilize your phone for bus fare payments.


How to Get Digital Nol Cards on Samsung and Huawei Phones

For Samsung users, only select models support digital nol cards. Ensure your phone is compatible before proceeding. Once digitized, physical cards become invalid. Silver or gold cards can be digitized.

Ensure you have the updated ‘nol pay’ app. Tap ‘Get my nol card’, then ‘Digitize my physical nol card’. Follow on-screen instructions.

Available since 2020 for compatible Huawei models. Digitized cards render physical ones unusable. Follow these steps on Huawei Wallet:

Open Huawei Wallet.
Touch the + button next to transportation cards.
Select desired card - nol silver or gold.
Follow onscreen instructions to sync data.


The list of Huwai Phones Supporting Digital Nol Cards.

• Mate20, Mate20 Pro, Mate20 X, Mate20 X 5G
• Mate30, Mate30 5G, Mate30 Pro, Mate30 Pro 5G, Mate30 RS Porsche
• Mate40, Mate 40 Pro, Mate40 Pro+
• Mate50 Pro
• Mate X, Mate X3, Mate Xs
• Nova 10, Nova 10 Pro
• Nova 11, Nova 11 Pro
• Nova 75G
• Nova 9
• P30, P30 Pro
• P40, P40 Pro, P40 Pro+
• P50, P50 Pro
• P50 Pocket
• P60 Pro

Which Samsung phone models allow for the conversion of physical nol cards into digital ones?

You can turn your nol card into a digital nol card if you have any of the following models of Samsung phones:

• SM-A715F(A71)
• SM-A805F(A80)
• SM-F900F(Fold)
• SM-N770F(Note 10 Lite), SM- N970F(Note 10), SM-N975F(Note 10+), SM-N976Q(Note 10+5G)
• SM-G770F(S10), SM- G970F(S10e), SM-G973F(S10)
• G986B(S20+5G), SM- G780G (S20 FE 4G), SM- G980F(S20), SM-G985F(S20+), SM-G988B(S20 Ultra 5G)
• SM-G990E(S21 FE 5G), SM- G991B(S21), SM-G996B(S21+5G) , SM-G998B(S21 Ultra 5G)
• SM-S901E(S225G), SM- S906E(S22+5G), SM-S908E(S22 Ultra 5G)
• SM-S711B(S23 FE), SM- S911B(S23), SM-S916B(S23+), SM-S918B(S23 Ultra)
• SM-F700F(Z Flip), SM-F711B(Z Flip 3), SM-F721B(Z Flip 4), SM- F731B(Z Flip 5)
• SM-F926B(Z Fold 3) 13), SM- F936B(Z Fold 14), SM-F946B(Z Fold 5)

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