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Unlocking Kling AI: Your Guide to Accessing and Utilizing the Cutting-Edge Video Model

The mesmerizing realism of Kling AI videos captivates viewers worldwide. But how can you create your own? Despite widespread claims of public availability, Kling AI remains accessible only to invited beta testers and Chinese users via the Kwaiying app. Free access may become available soon.

1. Download the Kwaiying app:
Get the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store

How to navigate the Kling app:

The app's interface is in Chinese, so use translation tools. We'll provide an English translation for ease of use.

Open the app and tap "Log In."

Tap on "Alternative Login Methods."

You can choose various methods to register a Kuaishou account, including using your mobile phone number (numbers from almost any country are accepted, not just Chinese) or various social platforms.

After login, to go Profile section where you see and copy your Kuaishou ID number.

How to Request Access Using Email for Kling AI

If you don't have Kling AI in your KwaiCut app or a Chinese mobile phone number, you can email the model's developer at the official address.

Send Email with Access Request to, explain why you want to try this model as beta tester and provide your profile details.

How to Signup and Create Kling AI Video Generator Account

Choose your preferred sign-in method, such as iCloud or any other available option.

Look for the Kling AI video creation tool, known as Keling AI Vision, within the app. Navigate to the "Clip" section in the left menu of the navigation bar and locate "AI Creation." If the feature is available, proceed to step III to activate the Kling Video Tool. If not, access your profile settings and request permission to use the feature.
Activating the Kling AI tool: Upon clicking the banner featuring a panda, complete three onboarding steps to utilize the AI model.
Specify your role and the purpose of using the Kling model in the first two steps.

For the third step, provide your mobile phone number (note: only Chinese numbers may be accepted) and your Kuaishou ID number.

Nera News Guide: Harness Kling Kling AI Video Generator by Signing In, Accessing Features, and Activating the Tool. Learn More!
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